Through surveys, Idée Europe offers experience and expertise in studies based on rigorous methods and concrete tools (systemic analysis, SWOT model, strategic diagnostic, review process etc.).

Qualitative methods mastery (in-depth semi-structured interviews, group meetings, workshops) ensuring reliability of survey outcomes as well as relevant knowledge related to a survey’s objectives.

In quantitative methods, our inclusive competency focuses on specialized studies through questionnaires, processing questionnaires, data capture, statistics (with appropriate software), analysis and commentary of the results, qualitative/quantitative synthesis.

Examples of surveys carried out by Idée Europe

  • Qualitative and quantitative study of the evolution concerning the activities and remuneration of musicians in France from 2007 to 2011.
  • Study concerning feasibility of large cultural spaces in urban areas (multimedia libraries, auditoriums, national theaters etc.)
  • Organizational and personnel audit of the German subsidiary of a large French industrial multinational group.
  • Strategic and systemic analysis of five French groups in the communications sector.
  • Strategic and prospective study of the telecommunications sector in Argentina.
  • Study of the organization and structuring of cultural events in rural areas in Burgundy.
  • Comparative study of organizations distributing information concerning architectural culture in France, Germany, and United-Kingdom.
  • Study of the development of cable TV in Europe and the offers made on four markets: Belgium Germany, Poland and Spain.