Experts collaborating with Idée Europe and correspondent members

  • Pr. Mario d’Angelo, Ph.D, HDR in Information and Communication, scientific coordinator, expert in evaluation and in public strategies and corporate strategies
  • Emilio Cabasino, Ph.D, correspondent member (Italy)
  • Pr. Lydia Colson, Ph.D, correspondent member (United States of America), economics
  • Christopher Gordon, correspondent member (United Kingdom),
  • Philippe Lavat, Ph.D, expert in communication and medias
  • Pr. Claude Levi-Alvares, Ph.D, correspondent member (Japan) expert in sociology of organizations and in educational systems
  • Arnaud Marichez, correspondent member, expert in quantitative surveys and impact studies
  • Claudia Stobrawa, Mag., correspondent member (Austria), expert in performing arts and in sponsorship
  • Paul Vespérini, Master in Business and Economic Affairs (EDC Business School), expert in strategic analysis ; qualitative and/or quantitative and impact surveys