Experts collaborating with Idée Europe and correspondent members

  • Pr. Mario d’Angelo, Ph.D, HDR in Information and Communication, scientific coordinator, expert in evaluation and in public strategies and corporate strategies
  • Emilio Cabasino, Ph.D, correspondent member (Italy)
  • Pr. Lydia Colson, Ph.D, correspondent member (United States of America), economics
  • Christopher Gordon, correspondent member (United Kingdom),
  • Philippe Lavat, Ph.D, expert in communication and medias
  • Pr. Claude Levi-Alvares, Ph.D, correspondent member (Japan) expert in sociology of organizations and in educational systems
  • Arnaud Marichez, expert in quantitative surveys and impact studies
  • Claudia Stobrawa, Mag., correspondent member (Austria), expert in performing arts and in sponsorship
  • Paul Vespérini, Bachelor in Business and Economic Affairs, specialization inInternational Commerce (EDC Business School of Business leaders and Business starters, Certificate in Business English of the British Chamber of commerce and industry ; Diploma in Spanish Business of the Official Spanish Chamber of commerce in France. Education and training : professionnal Master in Insurances  at the Superior School of Insurances (ESA) ; TOIC. Expert in strategic analysis ; qualitative and/or quantitative and impact surveys